Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Unveiled

A deep cleaning will cover your entire house from top to bottom, except the insides. Please check our deep cleaning checklist.

A regular cleaning is a maintenance cleaning, which means we’ll make sure your entire home is kept cleaned.

We pay our teams according to the number of house cleanings carried out on the day, cancellations on the day cause a huge impact, financially, logistically, and to avoid last-minute changes on our schedule. For this reason, we kindly ask customers to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours before house cleaning or window cleaning appointments.

On a deep cleaning we’ll clean the house from top to bottom and on a regular cleaning we’ll make sure all the areas previously cleaned on a deep cleaning is maintained.

You may tip your crew as you wish.

There are only four holidays in which we don’t work: 4Th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Please, leave it on your countertop, kitchen island or dining table.

We can never predict traffic conditions or the conditions of the previous home, so we kindly ask for this window time.

If you go over two months without a cleaning, we recommend a new deep cleaning because we will need more time to clean your home. For that, we separate the cleaning time accordantly, so we won’t delay the next client.

We accept check, cash, zelle or credit card.

If you wish to pay by credit card, there will be an additional fee of 3% on top of your cleaning price. Any other forms of payments there is no extra fee. However, we recommend paying by check or zelle.

Our payments are due on the day of your cleaning appointment.

Our quotes are personalized, and we take in consideration many factors. Types of floors, condition of the house, pets, how often we clean the house etc.

Yes, we love pets.

Although we are not exclusively eco-friendly, we seek the best products on the market to ensure effective and long-lasting cleaning. We can adapt to special needs, including the use of green products, as required.

No, our friendly reminders are just a courtesy of our company, not replying to it doesn’t mean your appointment is cancelled. If you need to do any schedule changes, we kindly ask you to text or call us at 407-928-2738.

No, after such time the house is usually dirtier and needs more attention. We organize our schedules based on the time it takes to clean the house.

No. There are many ways you can request our crews to enter the house. Some clients prefer to provide their house keys (we keep them in a safe), others prefer to leave their keys under the mat anywhere in front or back of the house, some prefers to simply leave their doors unlocked and ask us to lock it after the cleaning or some prefers to hide the keys around the house. Whatever feels more comfortable to you.

Yes. We will need to see the conditions of the appliances to determine the price. You may send us pictures. If we feel the need to take a closer look at it, we’ll send someone at the property or do a video call. Then we’ll reserve the time in our schedule accordantly.

You may include your refrigerator, oven or any inside of an empty cabinet/drawer for an extra fee.

No, we don’t clean garages.

Weekly and biweekly clients will always get the team leader. Monthly clients, we cannot guarantee the same crew since it doesn’t have a set day and time.

We will always have at least one member of the team that can communicate in English.

As much as we want to avoid, accidents do happen, however, our company provides a handyman to do any small fixes should we conclude it was caused by one of our team members. If it’s an object and the damaged was caused by one of our employees, we will replace it for you.

Reports need to happen within 24h after the cleaning so we can analyze what happened during the service and work side by side with our quality control staff and fix the problem for you.

Lanai floors usually have a rough surface. For that reason, we vacuum your lanai floors.

Yes, we do. Everyone is welcome to become a client.

If you are taking a short trip, just give us a call and our customer service team will be pleased to reschedule your visits, so you do not miss any cleanings. If it is more than 2 months away, we’ll put your cleanings on hold and resume when you are back. Just let us know in advance. If you are a snowbird, we ask at least a month notice so we can plan ourselves.

If you are away for more than two months we cannot guarantee the same crew upon your return, however, we will always do our best to accommodate your needs.