It’s impossible for us to talk about our story

Without mentioning the journey of 3 young men who, 20 years ago, decided to go after their dreams. Yes, this story began two decades ago with a lot of commitment, dedication, hard work and learning and that’s how our company, GREATJOBPRO came to be. And we have been working in this dream together since day one. We started off with just one home, one opportunity which was the very first step of our beautiful journey in The Vilages/Florida back in 2017. And from this day on, we strive for propagating our vision to all: to have a company with the utmost desire of excellence, and that it could also inspire collaborators, customers and partners alike to dream big and reach higher, offering a magical service everyday, one home at a time.

1 - What do we believe?

We believe that captivating our clients by offering the best, most magical and one-of-a-kind service is a must and that is what we do on a daily basis. That is what success looks like.

You might be wondering how we can visit over hundreds of houses a day with different check-lists, specific needs and wishes and still have 100% guaranteed satisfaction, right? Well, twenty years of expertise and the secret to success is a methodology like no other that was carefully crafted by us and transformed into an app. This app is directly connected to our supervisors in the field who, upon arriving at our customer’s house, will start the process, and receive all the info necessary to perform an amazing cleaning and making sure they will never forget an item from the checklist. All of this was designed in order to have an excellent customer service, which we know makes all the difference in the World.

2 - Our collaborators

Each collaborator of our staff in very important, after all, They are GREATJOBPRO inside your home and precisely because of that, we care for them. We offer insurance (for them and for the homes they work at), constant training, uniforms, and identified vehicles. That is how we make sure that a dazzling service is being offered in a standardized way in every home.

3 - What inspires us?

So… how far do we want to go? We want to reach FAR and we want to INSPIRE. That is our greatest desire. That is why we make sure that throughout all of our social media, we also focus on posting motivational and technical topics, and we also like to share our knowledge with others so they too can accomplish their dreams and spread GREATJOBPRO’s name.

4 - Our structure and plans

Besides the targeted actions towards the growth of our company as an expansion Of our shed, the creating of our own industrial laundry as well as products, we are now getting ready to create even more jobs and more opportunities to all who wish to own a business. For that to come true, in 2022 we started to work on the launching of our management system, which will offer the business a 360º degree view of all our business, and also standardize processes, services and products making it possible for GREATJOBPRO to become an international franchise with endless possibilites.

5 - Greatest motivation

We feel it is important to say that our greatest motivation is and will always be, to inspire and create opportunities, not only in the USA, which has embraced us and given us this beautiful possibility of making a dream – our AMERICAN DREAM, come true, but also back in Brazil, the country where we came from.


Our company was founded in 2017 by Danilo, Daniel and Ricardo and has always had as our main goal to EXCEED our customer’s expectations, thus making each cleaning service a one of a kind experience.

We are GREAT, and precisely because of that we offer experience, quality and capable professionals who are often trained in order to give you the very best when it comes to cleansing and cleaning. We pride ourselves in being modern and in the loop for current techniques, and all of our services bring MAGIC to the table!

To make this moment extra special and safe, our staff will always arrive at your home in proper uniform and on time. Also, we take FULL responsibility from the moment our team steps in, to the moment they say goodbye and rest assured: we care for each and every valuable item you may cherish.

Speaking of safety and warranties, our company is one of the only ones which offers to all our staff the WORKES’ COMP insurance. Therefore, if an incident ever takes place within your residence, not only are our collaborators covered, BUT SO IS YOUR HOME!